What to Look for in a Civil Rights Attorney

What to Look for in a Civil Rights Attorney

In the case of discrimination, hate crimes, and unlawful police conduct, an experienced Dallas civil rights attorney can be a powerful ally. These attorneys are skilled in navigating the complex legal system and can help you resolve your legal matter faster than you could on your own. They can also protect you from costly mistakes, so make sure to hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in your specific area of law. Read on for more information about what you should look for in a Dallas civil rights attorney.

Windle Turley

In 1973, Windle Turley, an attorney with the Turley Law Firm, opened its doors. Practicing in Dallas, he seeks justice for his clients throughout North Texas, the U.S., and across the world. His innovative communication methods in court have earned him a reputation for his success in resolving his clients’ cases. He uses a variety of creative strategies to illustrate the effects of an accident to the court and develop new theories to help his clients obtain full compensation.

As a personal injury attorney in Dallas, Texas, Windle Turley has extensive experience handling injury cases in the metroplex. Her knowledge and expertise in personal injury law have earned her recognition as an author of numerous articles and legal publications on the subject. Her argument in the case of Schwartz v. John Deere was featured in the Million Dollar Arguments series. She maintains the highest professional standing with Martindale-Hubbell, which means her clients can rest assured that Windle Turley will give them the best representation possible.

Don Tittle

Don Tittle, a leading civil rights attorney in Dallas, Texas, has decades of experience fighting injustices across Texas. As a former district attorney’s assistant, Don is familiar with the serious consequences of human rights violations. He uses this knowledge to ensure that victims of discrimination in the workplace receive the justice they deserve. For more information, visit The Law Offices of Don Tittle. We hope to see you in court!

In the Addison case, Ms. Hiss, who is black, was arrested after driving a drunk and hitting three pedestrians in Addison, Texas. The accident damaged her car, but she kept driving it to her brother’s home. Her affidavit was a mess of legal conclusions. The court, however, did not need expert testimony. Federal Rule of Evidence 702 requires that expert testimony aids a trier of fact, not a prosecutor.

Daryl Washington

Daryl Washington, a civil rights attorney in Dallas, Texas, is not your ordinary lawyer. He is an attorney who represents a client killed by police. He represents Charles Roundtree, Jr., 18 years old, and Marquis Jones, 23. Both men were killed by police. Their mother, Genevive Dawes, was also killed. Botham Jean, 26, was also shot and killed by a Dallas police officer.

He is a member of the Law Office of Daryl K. Washington P.C., a law firm in Dallas, Texas. He represents clients in Civil Rights, Sports, Entertainment, Media, Commercial litigation, and Settlement Negotiations. Washington also represents clients in contract disputes and business practice disputes. His firm has won numerous legal cases for its clients. Daryl Washington, a civil rights attorney in Dallas, Texas, has helped numerous individuals and families fight injustice and discrimination.

Cochran Texas

Originally from Austin, Texas, Alex Cochran has since moved to San Antonio. He has a background in public service and is a former member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. He is a member of the Texas Bar Association and focuses her practice on employment, public housing, and real estate. He has also contributed to several publications, including the New York Law Journal and the State Bar of California Real Property Journal.

While defense lawyers don’t often make the news, Cochran’s Twitter fame has become widespread. After the Simpson premiere, he was mentioned on Twitter, with both Vance and his signature mustache. Many questioned whether the attorneys representing Bill Cosby will be as successful. Other notable clients Cochran defended include Jim Brown, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, and Sean Combs. Whether or not Cosby’s attorneys can match his success is yet to be seen, but Cochran’s name will likely be forever linked to the law.

Jackson Walker

Jackson Walker is proud to support organizations that promote civil rights. In Houston, Texas, the firm hosted a reception for African American men, coordinated by partner Leonard Woods. The event was sponsored by the African American Male Research Initiative, a part of the University of Texas’ Diversity and Community Engagement Program. It raised nearly $5,000 for children’s shelters. For more information, contact Jackson Walker. Here are a few recent accomplishments of Jackson Walker attorneys.

Bryan Collins, an associate in Jackson Walker’s Dallas, Texas office, is a second-generation Texan. He holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law. While in law school, he worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Karen Gren Scholer. He was also an active member of the SMU Law Review.

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