How to Live Cheap in Puerto Rico

How to Live Cheap in Puerto Rico

Living in a foreign country can be frustrating and confusing, but the good news is that there are many things you can do to make life in Puerto Rico as inexpensive as possible. While the cost of housing in the US territory is higher than in the UK or US, it is still considerably less than the average American household’s monthly expenditure. Even though the island is a U.S. territory, some parts of the island lack basic infrastructure and are more susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes.

The cost of living in Puerto Rico is considerably lower than in the US, although the island has a poor economy and is suffering from the damage left behind by Hurricane Maria.

However, if you’re looking to retire and don’t need to earn a lot of money, this island is a great choice. It’s safe, tropical, has a low cost of living, and generous tax incentives. If you’re a retiree, you’ll find that the cost of living in Puerto Rico is relatively inexpensive.

Before you move to Puerto Rico, you should rent a self-storage unit.

You’ll need space to store your household goods while you are settling in. Southern Self Storage offers both temperature-controlled and regular units in several sizes. Its customer service is outstanding and they provide helpful advice and recommendations. While living in the US is expensive, health care costs are affordable in Puerto Rico. The United States is ranked first when it comes to health care costs.

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