Top Six Reasons Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Top Six Reasons Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Reporting workplace sexual harassment can be one of the most difficult steps to take, yet it s also the least important. Many employees are just too frightened to come forward with a sexual harassment complaint, contact a lawyer to file a claim, or even speak out against sexual harassment in the workplace. There are several reasons for this.

Six Reasons Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

First Reason:

The vast majority of cases filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC) do not succeed.

Second Reason:

There is great danger in talking to the wrong people. A former employee telling his or her story to a superior, or someone who is not on the inside, can lead to trouble. If that employee then tells someone who isn’t on the inside to complain about the workplace sexual harassment, that person could get in trouble as well.

A former employee cannot always be trusted, and if there is any hint of wrongdoing, the new eeoc is there to protect him or her from the repercussions of talking and saying the wrong things.

Third Reason:

Even if a current employee tells someone that the harassment had occurred, whether or not the person knows the person is correct, the person might be in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

For example, if a woman gives a man oral sex in a hotel room, even though she never intended to do so, she may be violating federal law by giving an unwarranted sexual favor to a stranger. The new eeoc makes it very easy to know where to go for help if you are afraid to report your own sexual harassment.

Fourth Reason:

Even when you know for sure that you have been the target of sexual harassment, there is still risk involved in trying to resolve the problem yourself.

This is especially true if you are the harasser. For example, some people are just naturally afraid of asking too many questions in a workplace. Others can become scared of legal battles and the hassle and expense that may come with them. If you are afraid of making a big mistake by letting one employee know about the sexual nature of your work life, you should hire the best sexual harassment lawyer instead.

Fifth Reason:

Even if you have a supervisor who is the subject of the sexual harassment, there is still risk involved in dealing with them.

The supervisor may be aware of the sexual harassment and yet is unlikely to tell anyone about it. Victims often feel uncomfortable going up to their supervisors and telling them about what has happened.

Likewise, the victim may feel reluctant to confront the supervisor about the harassment because of the fear that he will respond in kind. Only the best sexual harassment lawyer NYC can help victims find a way to tell their story without putting the supervisor in a precarious situation.

Sixth Reason:

Even if you are not subjected to sexual harassment on the job, you may be subjected to a hostile environment at other times.

For example, you might have to deal with other inappropriate comments from co-workers or customers. You may have to tolerate rude jokes from your supervisor. If you have been harassed for something like being a woman, you might face the risk of making jokes or remarks about another woman in the office. A competent attorney can help victims get a fair settlement from companies that do not treat employees well.

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