OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo Lawsuit

Mane Trouble: The Lawsuit Lathering Up OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo Ever reach for a shampoo promising luscious locks, only to end up with a case of the sad strands? That’s the crux of a recent lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, the maker of OGX hair products. Specifically, the heat is on their OGX Thick & […]

Offerpad Lawsuit

Offerpad Lawsuit: What’s the Buzz About? Thinking of selling your house? Companies like Offerpad offer a quick and convenient alternative to the traditional real estate market. But have you heard rumblings about a lawsuit? Let’s dive in and separate fact from fiction. Currently, there don’t appear to be any major class-action lawsuits against Offerpad specifically related to selling homes. However, […]

Off-Leash K9 Lawsuit

Unleashing Trouble: Off-Leash K9 Lawsuits and What You Need to Know Ever been at the park, minding your own business, when suddenly an unleashed dog barrels towards you (or worse, your pet)? It can be a heart-stopping moment, and depending on the outcome, it could land someone in court. That’s where off-leash K9 lawsuits come in. Imagine your perfectly behaved […]

Octapharma Plasma Lawsuit Payout

Octapharma Plasma Lawsuit Payout: Did You Donate Plasma in Illinois? Donated plasma in Illinois? There might be some money waiting for you! In 2022, a class-action lawsuit against Octapharma Plasma, a plasma donation center operator, resulted in a $10 million settlement resolving claims regarding fingerprint scans collected during donations [Fish Law Firm, “Judge OKs $10M Octapharma Fingerprint Class Action Deal”]. […]

NVAX Lawsuit

Novavax Stock and the Investor Lawsuit: What Happened? Remember that time you bought stock in a company because their product seemed like a sure thing, only to see the price plummet later? That’s kind of what happened with Novavax (NVX), a biotech company developing a COVID-19 vaccine. In 2021, investor optimism sent their stock soaring. But then, a lawsuit emerged […]

NuvaRing Lawsuit 2021

NuvaRing Lawsuits: A Ringing Controversy Settled (But Not Forgotten) NuvaRing, the popular vaginal birth control ring, has a history intertwined with lawsuits. Remember those commercials promising freedom and flexibility? Well, for some women, that freedom came at a cost. The central issue? Blood Clots. NuvaRing, like some birth control pills, contains hormones that can increase the risk of blood clots, […]

Nutrimost Lawsuit

The NutriMost Lawsuit: A Cloud Over a Nutritional Powerhouse? NutriMost, a company renowned for its personalized approach to nutrition, has found itself embroiled in a lawsuit. But what exactly are the allegations, and how did this situation unfold? Let’s delve deeper into this controversy. While the specifics of the lawsuit remain under wraps due to ongoing legal proceedings, some reports […]

OneWheel Wobbles: The Future Motion Lawsuit Explained

Imagine carving up the sidewalk on your sleek, futuristic Onewheel, the wind whipping past your face as you conquer curbs and cruise past envious pedestrians. Sounds sweet, right? Well, for some riders, that dream turned into a nightmare. And it all boils down to a lawsuit brewing against the Onewheel’s maker, Future Motion. So, what’s the deal? Buckle up, because […]

The Great Scratch-Off Debacle: Unraveling the Fun 5’s Lawsuit

Remember that thrill of scratching off a lottery ticket, hoping for a life-changing windfall? Yeah, for over a thousand Texans, that feeling turned into confusion and, ultimately, a lawsuit. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the bizarre saga of the Fun 5’s lottery scratch-off and the legal battle that followed. In 2014, the Texas Lottery Commission partnered with GTECH (now […]

Fulton Homes Class-Action Lawsuit

Owning a Fulton Home? Cracks in Your Foundation, Cracks in the Case? Picture this: you proudly step into your brand new Fulton home, keys jingling, dreams shimmering. Fast forward a few years, and instead of fresh paint and laughter, you’re staring at hairline cracks snaking across your walls, whispering tales of foundation woes. You’re not alone. A handful of lawsuits […]