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Tips for Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in NYC

Tips for Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in NYC

There are hundreds of personal injury lawyers in downtown New York City, so it can be challenging to know which one is the best. But there are some ways to tell if an injury lawyer knows what they’re doing and will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. When looking for the best injury lawyer downtown NY accident victims should keep these tips in mind.

Get a Referral

Given the number of accidents in New York City, automobile or otherwise, it’s likely that you know someone who has already been through the ordeal of finding an attorney to represent them in a personal injury case. Tap into your network of friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers to get some names of the top attorneys in the downtown NYC area. Ask them questions about why they are referring their lawyer to you (cost, experience, etc.) and verify that they practice personal injury law.

You can also ask other types of lawyers for referrals to personal injury attorneys. Even though there are numerous areas of law, attorneys generally know of experts in other legal areas. They should be able to steer you in the right direction toward a downtown NYC attorney who specializes in personal injury law. They might even have a partner law firm that practices in the personal injury arena. If you already have a relationship with an attorney, this type of referral might be the best way to go.

Website Directories

If you don’t know any attorneys and none of your acquaintances have needed a personal injury lawyer, you may feel a little bit lost about how to find the best personal injury lawyer in downtown New York City. Fortunately, there are resources you can access to help you identify attorneys that may be able to take your case. Website directories offer filters and search options that allow you to narrow down your options and find attorneys who practice in personal injury and are located in downtown NYC.

From there, once you have a list of attorneys that meet your qualifications, you’ll want to schedule consultations with each of them to get to know them in person. This is a critical step toward finding the best lawyer for your situation. You can’t tell if an attorney is the right one for your needs from just reading about them on the Internet. You’ll need to talk with them, explain the details of your case, and get an idea of how they will approach your situation. Only then can you make an informed decision on which attorney to hire.

Bar Referral Services

Another way to find experienced personal injury lawyers in New York City is to contact the local bar association. They have referral services that can connect you with lawyers in your preferred location. Just like using an online directory, this will point you in the right direction, but you’ll still need to meet with them in person before deciding on who you’re going to hire to take on your case.


Finding the right lawyer for your personal injury claim will take a bit of work on your part, but there are plenty of excellent attorneys in the downtown NYC area. Get referrals from friends, family members, and co-workers, do your own research on the Internet, or ask the bar association for some recommendations and you’re sure to find the best attorney for your case.

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