Rheem Evaporator Coil Lawsuit

Rheem Evaporator Coil Lawsuit

Rheem Evaporator Coil Lawsuit is a heating and air conditioning company based in Cleveland, OH. Rheem is a pioneer in the air conditioning industry. They are investigating multiple claims for a Class Action Lawsuit from a Class Action Lawsuit Accident in Florida. Many complaints have been received from Florida homeowners who purchased and installed an improperly installed evaporative cooling coil. Other complaints are from Rheem employees who have suffered health issues as a result of working with the faulty coils.

Rheem is a licensed contractor and manufacturer and they have several employees that work under them.

The refrigeration industry is one of the most profitable businesses to work for and when defective products are produced, they become very profitable. The Class Action Lawsuit filed by the Florida residents is a Class Action Lawsuit because they are asking for financial damages and compensation for pain and suffering, physical disability, future medical expenses, future loss of earning capacity, future loss of earning ability, and permanent disability. All these are due to Rheem knowingly selling their defective refrigeration units and failed to make proper warranty repairs in accordance with the guidelines laid out by the Industry Council of Home Heating and Air-conditioning (ICHA) and the National Air Conditioning Association (NACHA).

The company has hired the services of Holosun Torx to assist them in completing the investigation into their products.

The company is also dealing with the loss of an employee who was employed by Rheem to install refrigeration coils. The employee suffered a heart attack while working and now he has died. His wife is in a state of depression and is looking for ways to pay off bills she has incurred because of the loss of her husband. Rheem is in talks with the FBI regarding the lawsuit.

Rheem has manufactured Condensing Units for decades.

They have received many awards for their excellence in quality and reliability. Most of their clients are satisfied with their product and highly recommend them. In the recent past, the demand for Rheem evaporators coil replacements has been on a rise due to the incidents like the Chicago furnace explosions. A few factories near Chicago had experienced blast injuries and lost their entire business due to the explosion.

This is why Rheem has started a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of the Central AC evaporator coil replacements. This class action lawsuit will help all the victims in America get compensations for the losses that they have faced as a result of these accidents. This is one of the best appliance warranties in the world which can provide a smooth and hassle-free system for its customers. It is a bit expensive when compared to other central air conditioners’ warranties but it is worth every penny spent.

The Central AC evaporator coil replacements with the defective evaporator linings can cause dangerous situations for you and your family. So if you have the faulty units in your home, do not try to save some money by replacing it without the right unit. Go for an authorized Rheem dealer and get your home warranty as soon as possible. You might be entitled for huge financial compensation if you win this lawsuit. So always make sure that you get all the information about the product before going for it.

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