Essure Birth Control Class Action Lawsuit

Essure Birth Control Class Action Lawsuit

If you have an Essure birth control ring, you could be in a spot where you could potentially be in a class action lawsuit. If your Essure coils have either gone into your body or are showing signs of coming out of your body, this is called a “leaking Essure coil” and can cause serious health problems, even if the pregnancy is not yet complete. The Essure birth control ring has always been associated with more problems than its non-essure counterpart, which is the Dalkon ring. In fact, some former users of the Essure coils have even filed a class action suit against the company stating that they suffered from chronic pain because of the Essure device. Now the company is facing more consumer complaints and lawsuits because of this hidden health problem.

Some are saying that these lawsuits are over-reaching and may cause Essure manufacturers to go out of business.

Many of these lawsuits have been filed in state courts, but the plaintiffs in many of these cases have been unsuccessful in their efforts. The plaintiffs in these cases claim that the companies knew about these problems when they approved the Essure birth control ring. Even if a class action lawsuit was filed in federal court, the plaintiffs would need a judge to hear their case and decide in their favor. A judge who is not in the best position to make an unbiased decision about the merits of the case may hand down a decision that is biased and one way or another will side with the plaintiffs.

So what can you do?

If your doctor has advised you that you must have an Essure or Dalkon implant put in, then it is time to see if you can get a class action lawsuit together. You may be able to file suit yourself, but your lawyer will be better equipped to tell you if you can or cannot sue on your own. Also remember that there are two different class action suits – one for damages and one for medical negligence. It is easier to win in the medical negligence case because the defendant has to prove that they were negligent; however, it is not as easy to win in the damages case because the plaintiff will have to prove that they received harm as a result of the company’s product.

If you do decide to file a suit on your own, there are things that you should know.

First of all, Essure lawsuits usually do not succeed unless the plaintiffs can prove that they were harmed as a result of the Essure birth control ring. They will also have to establish that the company was aware of the problems and did nothing to correct them. Sometimes it takes a few years for medical authorities to fully recognize the problems with the Essure sterilization method, so this aspect of the lawsuit is important.

After the plaintiff establishes their case, they will have to find a court that will listen to their case.

Federal courts are generally more favorable to women’s rights groups than state courts. There are Essure lawsuit plaintiffs in New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and California. The most popular Essure birth control ring is the purple band, but you can also get a blue, black, or pink ring. This type of case tends to be a little bit more difficult to win because state courts tend to be more liberal about women’s reproductive health issues than federal courts.

Overall, if you are interested in filing a Essure birth control class action lawsuit, you should research local courts and try to determine where the strongest holdouts are.

The Essure manufacturer makes its money by selling the ring, and if there are too many complaints about it in a certain area, they are likely to stop selling the device in that area. This is the only way to make sure that you get a fair trial in court. In most cases, the best way to win a lawsuit like this is through a class action lawsuit.

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