Elmer Woodard Lawyers

Elmer Woodard Lawyers

If you’re looking for a good Elmer Woodard lawyer, here are some names to consider. Besides Woodard, you should also consider Christopher Cantwell, Robert “Azzmador” Ray, and James Alex Fields Jr. Listed below are just a few attorneys who are known to have handled the case. These individuals were a part of the far-right and were hired to protect the interests of white people and Jews.

James Edward Kolenich

Attorney James Edward Kolenich, of the firm Woodard & Korenich, has been appointed as co-counsel in the case against former Elmer Woodard. Kolenich was raised in Pennsylvania and attended a Catholic school. He later moved to Cleveland to earn his law degree from Case Western Reserve University. He began practicing law in 2003. He is married and has nine children. Kolenich is a strong advocate of the Catholic Church and the Six Million Jews who were killed by the Nazis. He has criticized the anti-Semitic and racial movements and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jewish nongovernmental organization. He believes the SPLC and the ADL are anti-Christian and anti-American, and that they are biased against Christians.

Kolenich is one of two lawyers representing Charlottesville’s organizers. He plans to argue that the white nationalists have the constitutional right to express their anti-Semitic and racist views. Kolenich has controversial views about race and considers his clients to be “godless heathens.” He also said he got involved in the case because his beliefs coincide with those of white supremacy.

Christopher Cantwell

When asked if he would like to be a judge or an attorney, Elmer Woodard would say no, but that is not the case. The judge, who also served as a prosecutor on the case, would not comment. He did, however, give the defendants their due process rights. After all, this was a case of self-defense, and Cantwell was not the one who harmed others.

The evidence presented during the trial shows that Cantwell had specific statements about the event and assaulted the counter-protesters with pepper spray and led various portions of the rally with his co-defendants. He also boasted to his followers that he was “behind” Cantwell, which made him a party to a conspiracy to engage in racially motivated violence.

Robert “Azzmador” Ray

The infamous Robert “Azzmador” Ray, a former Revolutionary War attorney, has recently been removed from the case against Chris Cantwell. Ray’s client was a white nationalist, and Ray was very difficult to work with. He even made violent remarks about the plaintiff’s lead attorney. Nevertheless, Ray is still one of the best Revolutionary War lawyers of all time.

Defendants Andrew Anglin and Robert “Azzmador” Ray are part of an organization that is itself a Defendant. These defendants own a website called The Daily Stormer and used it to organize rallies and events. The site is owned by an Ohio limited liability corporation, Moonbase Holdings, LLC. Although there is no evidence proving that Ray was an actual participant in the violence, this does not mean that he was not involved in it.

James Alex Fields Jr.

Known for his aggressive legal tactics, Woodard has successfully represented many prominent white nationalists. He represents Jason Kessler, a rally organizer, and Matthew Heimbach, the co-founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party. Woodard also represents a white nationalist convicted of beating a counterprotester in Arkansas, and a Ku Klux Klan imperial wizard awaiting sentencing.

He is the self-described neo-Nazi who allegedly drove a car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August. While initially charged with second-degree murder, Fields was upgraded to first-degree murder during a hearing Thursday. He faces nine counts in all. A jury recommended a 10-year prison sentence and a $20,000 fine for Goodwin. A judge will decide on the sentence in August, and Woodard will be back at the trial.

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