Sean Caddidy Lawyer

Sean Caddidy Lawyer

How Does A Disability Affect Your Job Search?

Sean Caddidy is the proprietor of Mc Donald’s Irish Cafe and it was in 1997 when he was charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery by a female employee. He was initially defended by his then-girlfriend, but a week later she reportedly told a co-worker that Sean had affairs with the woman. In turn, the co-worker told the prosecuting attorney that she thought there might be a problem, since Sean and the woman had been drinking and were seen as having an intoxicated co-worker at the time. Consequently, Sean was arrested and charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery and subsequently lost his job.

Sean Caddidy Lawyer

It was also discovered that during the course of this legal case, Sean had become friendly with another female co-worker who called him “honey bear” due to their shared love affair. Apparently, the two of them began to call the phone late at night and would regularly talk on the phone for hours at a time. Unfortunately, one evening, Sean got into an argument with this woman over something that she had told him during their telephone conversation.

In the ensuing altercation, Sean ended up straining his neck and back, which caused his golden retriever, Bubba, to fall and break an artery. Through all of this, none of the people around heard what was going on, but this did not stop Sean from being convicted of three counts of misdemeanor battery and he was forced to pay all of Bubba’s medical bills and lost wages.

After his release, Sean started looking for a good Denver, CO employment lawyer to help represent him.

He contacted attorney Garyadjes, who indicated that he might be able to do some legal work on Sean’s behalf. Unfortunately, Mr. Attorney had no knowledge of Sean’s predicament and did not have any suggestions about how to make things work. He did allow Sean to use his car to commute to work, however, his commute was very bad due to the traffic in Denver.

Two days later, Sean’s car broke down on a deserted street.

When the tow truck driver arrived to take it away, Sean informed him that he needed an attorney. The tow truck driver informed Sean that his only options were to leave his car at the local police station or to call his law firm. After he informed his friends about Sean’s predicament, they suggested that Sean contact the local attorney’s office. A short time later, they had several attorneys review Sean’s case and found that none of them had any experience with what Sean was going through.

After three long days, Sean called the law firm of his friend and asked them if they could set up an initial meeting.

During this meeting, Sean’s attorney asked Sean questions about his background, his financial situation, his family situation, his present job and any other information that might help the team determine whether he should be allowed to take a new job after his current one was terminated. According to Sean, his new attorney did not discuss these details during the initial meeting, but during the second meeting the attorney tried to get him to admit to past incidents of discrimination because these events would help his case. After Sean denied the allegations, the attorney did not offer to help him find a new job, but rather told him to find a new attorney.

After two and a half months of struggling to keep his current job and pay his bills, Sean was finally able to hire another attorney.

Two weeks after hiring his new lawyer, Sean met with his previous lawyer and reported to him that he had been offered a job in another city despite the fact that he had previously sought to be transferred to Denver. According to his lawyer, the previous attorney told him that he could not transfer to another city until he received a positive recommendation from Sean’s former boss.

Two days later, Sean’s former boss called him on the phone to tell him that he had been hired by a firm in that city and would be moving there on the same day. This story is a disturbing example of what can happen when an employer offers a job to someone with a disability; however, it is still good news that Sean’s disability did not infringe upon the success of his job search.

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