Is Moving to Puerto Rico a Good Idea?

Is Moving to Puerto Rico a Good Idea?

There are many pros to moving to Puerto Rico, but there are also some cons. For one, the job market is not always as strong as it is in the U.S. For another, it’s impossible to vote in U.S. elections. It may also take longer to find a job than in other U.S. cities. The high cost of living and limited options for vegetarians should be considered.

Before you move to Puerto Rico, you should find a job.

If you are younger, you might not have large savings and you will have to ship your items. You can read more about job opportunities HERE. If you’re older, you should start searching for a job at least six months before you depart. If you’re a senior, you can take advantage of the low cost of living in Puerto Rica.

There are also a number of downsides to living in Puerto Rico.

People who live in San Juan, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands might want to avoid it. Although there are plenty of benefits, this is not a good place to live if you’re not a fan of crime. The island has a tropical climate and is sunny most of the time. You can work in deck shoes or shorts, and you can enjoy the water all year long.

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