The Latest News in the LG Television Lawsuit

The Latest News in the LG Television Lawsuit

The latest news in the LG Television Lawsuit involves a patent infringement suit filed by the Korean electronics giant against TCL and Hisense. The two companies are accused of ripping off consumers with false advertising. In a recent court hearing, LG Electronics sought a ruling to stop the infringement suits. In their filings, the companies claimed that the plaintiffs had “fatal flaws” in their claims. However, the ruling could have major implications for the industry.

LG Electronics filed a patent infringement suit against TCL

Last month, LG Electronics, a South Korean company, filed patent infringement lawsuits against three companies, including Chinese-based TCL. The first one was settled in 2007, while the other two were scheduled to be heard in court in May and November, respectively. As the technological leader in mobile communications, LG holds the largest portfolio of standard-essential patents. According to a recent report by TechIPm, LG ranks first globally in the 4G standard-essential patent category for five consecutive years. LG was also ranked third worldwide in the 4G LTE/A patent category by IPlytics, a professional intellectual property consulting firm.

The lawsuit claims that TCL has infringed on a series of standard patents that LG holds. The suit names TCL Holdings, TCL Corporations in the United States, and TCL’s China, Vietnam, and U.S. subsidiaries as defendants. The lawsuit lists six patents that LG claims TCL violates. TCL was not available for comment, so this article is only an estimate.

LG Electronics filed a patent infringement suit against Hisense

The Chinese company Hisense has been accused of ripping off several LG patents. Earlier this year, LG sent Hisense warnings that their televisions infringed on its patents. This latest lawsuit is LG’s response to Hisense’s blatant violation of its patents. Although it hasn’t said how many Hisense televisions are affected by the lawsuit, it’s clear that LG is determined to protect its intellectual property.

The lawsuit alleges that Hisense is violating four of LG’s patents. The first patent concerns LED light assembly technology that transfers LED backlights to an LCD panel. The second patent concerns user interface technology that enables users to recognize connected devices. The third patent relates to improving the quality of images displayed on a television through Wi-Fi. The fourth patent relates to increased Wi-Fi data transfer rates in televisions.

LG Electronics sued TCL

Recently, LG Electronics filed three separate patent infringement lawsuits against TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd., China’s largest television maker. In the lawsuit, LG alleges that TCL infringed upon its patent for a specific LTE technology. Though TCL can still appeal this ruling, the company has already taken steps to block TCL from using its technology in violation of its patents.

In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, LG alleges that the patents relate to the user interface, image and sound processing technology, flat lighting devices, and WiFi-related technologies. LG also claims that TCL violated patents for its televisions that protect its intellectual property, including the user interface of its televisions. The patents also apply to its main product categories, including ultra-high-definition (UHD) TVs, nano battery-powered TVs, and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs.

LG has filed three lawsuits against TCL and won the first one. Although TCL has been in the mobile business for only a few years, it has already become a global leader in several technologies. It holds the largest portfolio of standard-essential patents in the world, according to the market research firm IPlytics. In addition, LG ranked first among phone manufacturers for 4G LTE/LTE-A patents from 2012 to 2016.

LG Electronics sued Hisense

The patent battle between Hisense and LG Electronics is not over. LG Electronics has sued Hisense, saying that the latter violated four of its patents in designing and manufacturing televisions. The lawsuit claims that Hisense copied LG’s technology and then infringed on those patents, causing damage to the electronics giant. Hisense has denied the allegations, saying that they simply copied the LG television’s design and specifications.

The two televisions in question, the 55H9D, and the 55H9EPlus infringed on the Patent. The TVs in question were advertised as being compatible with cable channels, streaming platforms, games, and other activities. While the advertisements did not specify these functions, it is believed that consumers would be attracted to the television’s dual screens. LG has also been working with airlines to offer 5G technology on flights.

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