Prilosec Kidney Damage Lawsuit

Prilosec Kidney Damage Lawsuit

Are you a victim of Prilosec-induced kidney failure? The lawsuits filed by victims of this harmful pharmaceutical have been settled out of court. However, one cannot deny the fact that a significant number of people have died as a result of Prilosec drugs. That’s why this article intends to take up the subject of the ongoing lawsuits and how the Food and Drug Administration has handled the situation. It is important to note that it was the Food and Drug Administration that approved Prilosec. Therefore, the current outbreak of lawsuits is somehow connected to the irresponsible decisions made by FDA.

Prilosec Kidney Damage Lawsuit

According to the information provided by FDA, there have been reports of deaths caused by Prilosec. In such cases, the lawsuits have been filed against several pharmaceutical companies. Some drug companies had failed to warn the public about the side effects of Prilosec, which in turn resulted in the accidental poisoning of some individuals. There have also been reports of Prilosec causing renal failure and thus resulting in the death of the patient.

FDA recalled all of its Prilosec products and banned the medicine for kidney damage following the sudden recall of the medicine caused by a report of the FDA finding out that the company had failed to inform the FDA about the possibility of the harmful side effects of using the medicine.

The recent lawsuits have been filed against a number of manufacturers, including Novartis, Merck, and Jansport. While the details are still vague, it is quite evident from the above statements that the lawsuits are related to Prilosec, at least in part.

There are certain generic medicines that are used in the treatment of chronic kidney disease and these do not pose any immediate risk to the patients.

However, the problem with Prilosec is that it is marketed as a treatment for patients with kidney damage. As such, there are chances that the company’s main focus is to make profits rather than provide effective treatment. Hence, the recent lawsuit has been filed because it has been discovered that in addition to this medicine, another drug called Tenex contained a Prilosec ingredient. This drug was not added to the customer’s prescription but rather was obtained through a ‘non-prescription’ facility.

According to the FDA, these two drugs together could cause the development of kidney disease.

It has also been revealed that since the two drugs are marketed under the name of ‘PPI’, they are accessible via a variety of financial vehicles, such as credit cards and payroll plans, with a high markup rate. When these materials are consumed by an individual, there is a possibility that a significant amount of money is diverted from the patient’s account and towards the profit of the company that produces the two drugs – i.e. Prilosec. The complaint filed by the patient has so far claimed that this did not take place and that her physician was aware of the non-standardization of these two drugs.

In addition to this, Prilosec and its generic counterpart Cytogenix are both prohibited in Canada due to the fact that they contain animal tissues in a concentration higher than is safe for human consumption.

The Canadian PPI Law prohibits suppliers of these types of drugs from collecting payment from patients who have been prescribed these products without providing clear and reliable warnings about the risks associated with them. There are also warnings posted on the official website of both Cytogenix and Prilosec regarding the risks associated with the medications.

The company has also agreed to pay a fine of $1.75 million US to settle the federal charges against it and pay refunds to consumers who have purchased its products between 1998 and 2021. This settlement was reached after talks between the government and the pharmaceutical companies.

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