Origin Lawsuit: Yahoo! Answers Violated Law

Origin Lawsuit: Yahoo! Answers Violated Law

The origin lawsuit is a new legal case that is being filed in the state of Washington. This pet owners’ attorney is filing a complaint against three major manufacturers. They are: Monster, Petmate and KFC. The complaint states that these companies knew that their pet food brands were dangerous, yet they continued to sell them to unknowing dogs and cats. The complaint further states that the companies did not take reasonable steps to warn their customers about the danger of these dog food dry kibble products.

Origin Lawsuit

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit will be able to receive financial compensation for their pain and suffering and for the costs of the lawsuit. The main issue is that the major manufacturers know that their dry cat food products contain harmful ingredients that can harm our pets. Unfortunately, the courts have not been able to force them to remove harmful chemicals from their products.

The good news is that if the court rules in the plaintiffs favor, the companies will have to change the harmful ingredients in their pet food products.

The previous lawsuit was resolved without any settlement. The judge presiding over the case wrote a report stating that he was “appalled” by the conduct of the three pet food companies.

He also stated that he was “shocked” at how long it took the company to remove this harmful ingredient. The clean label project is a legal method that has recently been adopted by the courts in the state of Washington to punish these companies for selling inadequate dog and cat foods that cause serious illnesses.

The verdict in the lawsuit was extremely critical.

The court found that both the parent company Yahoo! Answers related sites were liable for promoting a product that contained harmful ingredients such as BHT, an anti-biotic. The lawsuit was brought forth by the parents of a deceased veterinary patient who died of thirst and hunger due to inadequate water intake. This is a tragedy that has occurred on a great scale and the victims’ parents deserve justice.

If you are an owner of a Yahoo! Answers related pet food site or other company that sells pet food products, you should immediately contact a lawyer specializing in litigating consumer lawsuits such as the one filed by the Orientaljen lawsuit defendant. These lawsuits seek compensation for the harm done to the plaintiff through the negligent marketing and advertising of their dog and cat food products.

The Orientaljen lawsuit is just one example of many lawsuits filed against Yahoo! Answers related companies.

The plaintiffs in these cases often win, quite substantial monetary awards and this is often because the courts require evidence beyond a mere suspicion that a product caused harm. It is often required that the plaintiff show “beyond a reasonable doubt” that they in fact suffered harm from the defendant’s product.

In the case of the Orientaljen lawsuit, the plaintiff was able to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that their son died as a direct result of the lack of water in the dog food. If you, as an owner, find yourself in this type of situation, it is important to retain a lawyer who specializes in litigating pet food-related injury cases.

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