Omeprazole Lawsuit Settlements

Omeprazole Lawsuit Settlements

A study by the George Washington School of Medicine in which it was found that Omeprazole was one of the drugs found in trace amounts in breast milk led to the first lawsuit against a major manufacturer and its generic, Ultram.

The generic was supposed to alleviate the discomfort caused by a woman’s mastitis that resulted from the consumption of some pain relievers. The Washington school decided that the mere presence of Omeprazole in breast milk was enough to trigger a case and began a string of lawsuits against manufacturers of other pain relievers. Those manufacturers are Aventyl, Celax, Cellex-C, Equiset, Kellag, Meckle, Teva, Tylenol, and Vanafoam.

Omeprazole Lawsuit

Manufacturers were found to have knowingly sold a product that caused severe stomach upset and nausea in babies even though it was known that the drug could cause such side effects. They were also found to have knowingly sold a product for infants that caused respiratory distress and death in about half of the babies who took it. The lawsuits also named the baby goods companies Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Dr. cribacox. All three manufacturers faced personal injury lawsuits filed by the mothers who developed or became sick as a result of taking the medication.

The Washington School of Medicine study of omeprazole side effects in breast milk led to a class action suit against Aventyl, the primary manufacturer of omeprazole.

After discovering the presence of omeprazole, the company changed the name of the product to Plus Ultra. The lawsuits charged that Aventyl did not disclose that the drug was contaminated with an ingredient that could alter the production of proteins needed to produce the acid within the stomach. When these acids entered the esophagus, they altered the function of the lower esophageal sphincter, commonly called the lower esophageal valve, leading to the fatal heartburn.

There are also two separate cases currently pending in Florida.

The first is brought by an individual who died of congestive heart failure due to the manufacturer’s mislabeling. The second case involves a woman who developed permanent scarring after using the wrong dosage of her Proton Pump Inhibitors. Both of these cases are being handled by lawyers who are prominent figures in the world of drug law.

Many of the Omeprazole lawsuit settlements result in millions of dollars for the plaintiffs.

Attorneys file claims on behalf of their clients but if the attorneys fail to win their cases, the settlement funds go to the lawyers. This often occurs when the doctors and drug manufacturing companies fail to properly explain the potential hazards of the drugs. Many patients who have died as a result of these drugs are willing to accept small cash awards in exchange for a chance to be compensated for their pain and suffering. The money from the lawsuits helps many patients to afford healthcare while they recover from their injuries and the drugs that caused them to suffer in the first place.

While the Food and Drug Administration does not monitor the accuracy of prescription drug labels, many have been found to contain serious inaccuracies.

Manufacturers are required to submit detailed reports about the drugs to the FDA each year, but these reports are not monitored. With multidistrict litigation, those who have been injured as a result of these drugs can file personal claims against the manufacturers of these medications.

By putting an individual on the stand for wrongful death, these lawsuits give hope to the families of deceased patients who seek monetary compensation for their medical expenses and lost loved ones.

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