Novartis Class Action Lawsuit

Novartis Class Action Lawsuit

What Trader Claims to Have Been Caught Doing Was Illegally Hiding Their Income

On April 4, the Law of the Trader class action lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York by J. Stephen Lanning. Mr. Lanning is biologicals. He is currently employed by a pharmaceutical company, Genex Pharmaceuticals, as a research analyst. The lawsuit is alleged to be brought on behalf of all people who believe they have contracted the AIDS virus either through contaminated blood or from a blood transfusion. Also included are all persons who believe they have been the victims of faulty and dangerous medical devices.

Novartis Class Action Lawsuit

The complaint states that the defendant “willfully and negligently marketed and sold misstandardized and misbranded pharmaceuticals intended for treatment of HIV and intentionally deceived the American public regarding the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of those medicines.” It further charges that defendants “recklessly” conducted unlawful business practices which “caused harm and injury to thousands of innocent victims.”

In addition to being the target of this class action lawsuit, the individual names in the complaint include other companies including Actonel, Aventis, AstraZeneca, Celogen, Celts, Daisho, Diageo, Durasys, Ecker, GlaxoSmithKline, Herceptin, iMed-RF, Kalo, Mookerlin, Novartis, Myqualic, Omron, Paziento, Receptos, Serax, Theracet, and Thermoquest. As one might expect, all of these companies are facing a significant amount of loss. The Law of the Trader class action lawsuit demands not only monetary compensation for pain and suffering, but also “damages to reputation, mental anguish, physical disability, and future earning capacity.” No settlement is expected before the case is concluded.

The Law of the Trader class action lawsuit is new territory for consumers like you who have been dealing with health insurance companies for over twenty years.

It is not even clear whether or not this type of settlement will be available from the current plaintiffs. The plaintiff’s attorney has indicated to me that he is not sure if the courts will allow a class action lawsuit regarding such corporations as Actonel, Aventis, Celogen, Daisho, Durasys, Ecker, GlaxoSmithKline, Herceptin, and Diageo. Based on conversations with various class action lawyers, it appears that the answer may well be yes.

If one of my class action lawsuit lawyers tells me that he could not see an appeal possible from either defendant, I would seriously consider the possibilities offered by a class action lawsuit.

Some companies have already been found to have systematically deceived their shareholders. Such companies have paid huge fines to resolve federal investigations and lawsuits regarding false billing and other fraudulent activities. If the courts allow such companies to escape justice through arbitration, there is a real danger that these massive fines will continue to grow, thus allowing only the largest financial institutions to survive.

If the U.S. Justice Department is not able to prevent companies from hiding the true costs associated with their business ventures, what does that say for consumers?

These corporations are not necessarily innocent. They simply prefer to avoid the cost of a legal lawsuit in exchange for a higher profit margin. In addition, the vast power of the lawyers involved in class action cases allows them to demand extremely high awards in exchange for settlements that may actually be less than the original sum the company was sued for. For these reasons, many companies may prefer to avoid arbitration and roll the dice with massive awards offered by law firms.

It seems that such companies are banking on their ability to survive without any meaningful consequences for their deceitful actions.

But, if the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission want to protect American citizens from these companies, they must take strong action against bad corporate behavior. The time for such action is now. Please consider all this.

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