Nexus 5X Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

Nexus 5X Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

The Nexus 5X has been plagued with boot loop problems caused by shoddy construction. While Google and Huawei deny the allegations, a recent lawsuit has ended with the class-action suit being dismissed. Another suit, which is broader and covers more devices, is still ongoing. In the meantime, Class members can collect anywhere from $5 to $400 for their troubles. Read on to find out what you need to do to get your money back.

Nexus 5X boot loop issue caused by shoddy construction

If you’re experiencing the dreaded boot loop on your Nexus 5X, there’s a simple fix for it. A shoddy construction process can cause a device to boot indefinitely, causing it to constantly reboot and then reboot indefinitely again. This is a serious issue, and a repair can cost as much as the phone itself! Here’s what you need to do.

The Nexus 5X was widely praised by critics and fans alike, but its boot looping problems caused a major recall. Its manufacturers, LG and Huawei, who contracted with Google for the device’s manufacturing from 2015 to 2016, have responded to customers’ complaints by settling a class-action lawsuit. The settlement could award owners of affected Nexus 5X models between $10 and $400.

The shoddy construction of the Nexus 5X is the cause of the boot loop problem. LG repaid customers who were affected by the boot loop issue. While the class action wasn’t as large as the one involving the Nexus 6P, the number of affected devices has climbed to over 1,000. The company is now looking for a settlement offer that will make it financially feasible for all Nexus 5X users.

Google and Huawei deny allegations

In the lawsuit against Huawei and Google, the two companies claim that the phones were defective but have not engaged in any illegal or fraudulent conduct. However, the Plaintiffs argue that they had timely notice of defects and breaches before they went public. This is not the case, as the companies are not liable for the defective phones until they are in the warranty period. In the meantime, they are still obligated to make the phones right by law.

In a recent court ruling, Google and Huawei denied several plaintiffs’ claims, including their claim that the phones were defective. The defendants argued that the claims against Huawei failed to allege that the devices did not meet the manufacturer’s warranties. However, the Court found that the plaintiffs had failed to plead enough privity between Huawei and the relevant Plaintiffs, as the manufacturers did not sell the phones to them.

While the CAC does not allege that Huawei or Google knew of the defects, Plaintiffs are still free to amend their claims to add facts that show they were aware of the defects. The Court then addresses the claims against Huawei and Google separately. It finds that there are three main categories of claims against Huawei and Google, and analyzes them separately. For example, in the CAC, Huawei, and Google deny the alleged defects in a Nexus 5x, which does not apply to other Android phones.

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