Kolbe and Kolbe Windows Lawsuit

Kolbe and Kolbe Windows Lawsuit

Kolbe Windows

Kolbe & Kolbe Windows is a company that manufactures commercial vinyl replacement windows. In the late 1800’s, German immigrants came to the USA bringing with them their homes and their culture. This included their building practices which caused a lot of damage to the environment. The immigrants brought with them the traditions of their home countries including building their own houses, and Kolbe Windows was formed to address some of these problems. Today they still strive to bring this same high quality into their vinyl replacement windows product line.

Kolbe has created a variety of product lines with different architectural and aesthetic objectives.

Their newest series, called the Ultra Series, was designed specifically for durability, versatility and functionality. With a wide range of choices, it’s able to mimic the classic style of old wood doors and windows with a sleek modern wood finish and exterior trim elements. Most of these replacement windows can offer a 15-year or lifetime warranty, and may also come with a replacement sash.

For their commercial product lines, Kolbe Windows offers two finishes

plain and distressed. Plain exterior colors are perfect for commercial buildings and are available in three-ply polyester fabric, aluminum frame and fiberglass. The aluminum frame offers a steel frame, and fiberglass offers the best combination of durability, lightweight design and energy efficiency. They also offer distressed finishes – meaning you can get a completely different look for your exterior walls.

Many of the products from Kolbe Windows are engineered with high-quality, double glazed windows, and come standard with the manufacturer’s four sash lawsuit.

These windows maintain their original beauty and allow natural light to enter a room while providing high levels of energy efficiency. The latest in these product lines are the new Kolbe Nautilus windows, which are engineered with four sashes that can each store a different amount of sunlight.

The new Nautilus windows use a single glass panel to house an aluminum frame and are available in a variety of colors.

With a completely custom fit, they can also be installed as sliding windows or French windows, depending upon your space needs. Each panel is manufactured with an anti-glare coating, so your windows will be bright and clear at all times. These replacement windows are also designed to use energy efficient glass, and come standard with a ten-year or lifetime warranty.

If you need to replace windows on a commercial building, you might want to consider Kolbe Windows. Their quality workmanship is backed by decades of research in the replacement of exterior windows. Their products are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and to keep the heat or cold out during the coldest periods of the year. To find out if Kolbe Replacement Windows is right for you, contact a dealer today. A representative will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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