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Getting Divorced During the Holidays? Do it Amicably

Getting Divorced During the Holidays? Do it Amicably

The Christmas holidays can be a magical time of year for kids and adults alike, but divorces complicate things. Instead of perfect holidays producing pure nostalgia, the holiday can reinforce how the family is breaking apart.

Every relationship and family is unique, and there’s no one universal recipe for mitigating the bad feelings that can arise in divorce. But beginning the divorce by being amicable with your ex-partner is always the best route, especially if it occurs during the Christmas holidays.

Let’s check out how the best family lawyers help facilitate a cordial divorce.

Right Tone

It’s easy for divorce to get nasty if you’re not careful. After all, two people who pledged themselves to each other for life are now separating, and that often comes with strong feelings like sadness and anger.

The best collaborative divorce lawyer in Toronto and the GTA stresses starting the divorce with a polite but firm tone. Anything that helps pre-emptively lower the temperature of the proceedings helps everybody, and this is the best family lawyer’s goal.

Having an experienced professional who has been there and seen everything by your side at this time will help set up the right foundations for healthy, productive communications. Christmas should be a time for joy and togetherness, and any toxic, negative dialogue can undermine that goal.

Larger Picture

Divorce can be confusing. Both parents understand that what matters most is their child’s welfare, but they don’t always act this way. People can get vindictive and nasty, depending on how their marriage ended.

Collaborative lawyers help keep parents focused on what matters most — their children. They’ll prioritize the well-being of the children while protecting your rights to custody, access, and child and spousal support.

Starting the proceedings by working productively with the other side showing genuine goodwill by offering concessions that make sense when they benefit the kids helps keep things moving along smoothly and to a beneficial conclusion for everybody.

It may not always be easy for people feeling the strain and pressure of a divorce to focus on the larger picture, but your family lawyer will always ensure that remains the goal.

Get Your New Life Started

Divorce can feel purgatorial. One relationship is over, but you can’t begin another until your previous one is settled, which can take a long time. When divorces get combative, they also tend to get longer, more expensive, and more emotionally draining.

It’s natural and understandable for negative feelings to arise when a marriage dissolves, but neither side benefits. Hopefully, the two people getting divorced still retain some kernel of what made them get married in the first place. If they’ve fallen out of love, ideally, there’s still enough admiration and respect for them to navigate the divorce quickly and amicably.

After all, a quick divorce lets them each move on faster, both as co-parents and people embarking on their next phase of life.

Divorce is never pleasant, even when necessary. A great collaborative family lawyer can mitigate the difficulties and get you back on the other side quickly so you and your family can enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve on better terms.

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