FEDEX Ground Lawsuit Information

FEDEX Ground Lawsuit Information

If you are searching for information on a FEDEX Ground lawsuit, then you need to know what you are looking for. You should read this article for starters. FEDEX Ground is a large corporation with many different divisions, most notably the Delivery Service division. Their main business is the shipment of goods in bulk to retailers or companies that need them.

As far as deliveries are concerned, FEDEX Ground is guilty of transporting goods in a manner that they were misclassified by the law.

They have been fined several times and many drivers have gotten settlements from the fines and their fines while working for them. This is a major issue because FEDEX has direct relationships with the drivers and companies that they deliver to. If a driver transports one unit for a company and the trucker is then sent to work for a competitor of the company, this could be considered a violation of Federal Motor Carrier Regulations or FMCR. Drivers who do this will get serious consequences if caught.

FEDEX Ground is part of a huge industry that has separate divisions for the delivery of goods and services and other industries.

These are the FMCR lawsuits that you may hear about. FEDEX Ground did receive several shipments of Class Action lawsuits, which was one of the largest shipments in history at the time. The Class Action lawsuit is a legal lawsuit in which a group of individuals claim that a business has engaged in activities that are unfair and have caused them to be injured while working for that business.

This type of lawsuit often settles out of court, but FEDEX has settled the lawsuits over the years and many times they pay drivers for the damages. This type of lawsuit information is important if you plan to pursue a case against FEDEX Ground.

FEDEX Ground was also one of the original companies that started the FMCR misclassification lawsuit back in 1990.

As stated above, many of the Class Action lawsuits have settled out of court and some have gone to trial. A few cases have been tried in Federal Court and one of those cases was a Oral Rebuttal to a complaint from a driver who claimed that he suffered an injury while working for FEDEX Ground while attempting to refuel a vehicle belonging to a customer.

The Oral Rebuttal motion was successful and a judge ordered the company to correct their labeling practices which classified any vehicle that carried any kind of ink as a “truck” and thus was subject to all of FEDEX Ground’s FMCR fees. A few months later, another case was filed in Federal Court against FEDEX Ground and they were ordered to cease and desist their practices that were defined by the judge as an attempt to engage in a deceptive debt collection scheme.

Over the years, there have been a lot of people who have sent complaints and questions to FEDEX about this issue, but the answers and many of the defenses that FEDEX has offered have proven to be unsuccessful. Even after offering an entire tongue-lashing to their defense of misclassification and long delays in responding to claims, they still failed to correct their practices and many claims have gone unresolved.

For example, one of the Class Action lawsuits against FEDEX was filed in California by an individual who was a delivery driver for UPS lost his case when it was determined that FEDEX was improperly classifying the services that they provided as deliveries when they were in fact, a vehicle driven time and date-driven services. Other unresolved Class Action lawsuits have been about late or non payment of FEDEX bills and in one case an individual was awarded $1.75 million due to FEDEX’s refusal to make good on a debt that they had accrued when they were on vacation and therefore unable to work.

There are other Class Action lawsuits that have been successfully resolved through the efforts of FEDEX. If you are a driver for FEDEX and you have been subjected to any billing errors, you should contact a seasoned personal injury attorney who has experience with FEDEX Ground related lawsuits. In addition to seeking monetary damages, drivers who have been injured due to FEDEX negligence may be able to obtain other compensation for their pain and suffering including medical bills and loss of wages. A trained attorney will work closely with their clients to help ensure that they are fully compensated for their injuries.

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