Costco Organic Milk Lawsuit

Costco Organic Milk Lawsuit

There was a Costco Organic Milk lawsuit recently in which two women who were injured while at Costco claimed that the store did not properly train employees on safe handling of organic milk. The women suffered lacerations to their necks and backs, as well as bruises from the glass of the store. One woman later died from what appears to be a heart attack as a result of being exposed to the extremely high level of organic dairy products. This article will discuss the lawsuit itself, Costco’s response, and what else you should know about the lawsuit.

Costco is a large chain of stores that carry lots of different types of merchandise. When they started selling organic products, they had to find a way to safely display them without putting their buyers in harm’s way. Initially, the company simply placed warning labels on its dairy products. This did not satisfy the women who filed the lawsuit, so they then demanded that Costco change its policies. Costco finally responded to the complaints by adding safer labeling to all of its dairy products.

So, what is the real story here? How did this particular lawsuit get started? Well, this all stems from a disgruntled customer. A woman named Joanne Griswold went to Costco for a loaf of organic wheat bread with her boyfriend. Instead of receiving a regular loaf of bread with the regular store price, she purchased the organic version for about three times the price. She expected the same quality and taste and was really upset when she and her boyfriend discovered that it was not actually organic.

According to the lawsuit, Costco’s policy of only selling organic products is actually illegal. Costco also does not allow its suppliers to use the word “organic” on their labels. Suppliers are not legally allowed to claim that their products are natural or organic if it doesn’t say it on the label. If the company can’t make that particular claim, then the product must be sold in accordance with other requirements that the company has set forth.

When Joanne and her boyfriend were ready to open the product at their local store, they were obviously delighted when they saw the label – it said it was organic. But Costco’s policy did not allow them to believe it. When they brought this fact up to one of Costco’s associates, this is when the lawsuit came about. This associate told them that the company had no obligation to sell the organic dairy products that the couple had bought, nor did they have any right to return the organic items or refund the money.

Costco is defending its actions in court, and it faces a class-action suit from this customer who feels she has been unfairly treated. So far, the court has sided with the company. It may take more than a year for this lawsuit to reach a conclusion, but if it does, the company will have to turn out the lights in its stores and begin selling its organic products once again.

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