Bluegreen Vacations Resorts Lawsuit

Bluegreen Vacations Resorts Lawsuit

Bluegreen Vacations Resorts LLC is suing two men over an incident that took place at the Bear River Lodge and Spa in Dubuque, Idaho. According to the complaint, filed in January, 2021 by attorneys Peter J. Lambros and Frank J. Lambros of Flagler, this occurred on November 4th, 2021: Mr. Lambros and Mr. J. Joseph C. Bello were dining with the plaintiffs, which included Mr. and Mrs. Lambros’ son, when the server, identified as Mark Costner, suddenly came over and pointed a finger at the plaintiffs and saying something to them in a loud and accented voice, which caused the plaintiffs to feel intimidated and uncomfortable. When the couple’s daughter, identified as Lisa W. showed them the bill, they noticed that the charges on the dinner had been altered. The bill read as follows:” Charges for Entire Dinner, Plates, and Service to Entire” instead of the customary “charges for each person.”

The lawsuit further states that Mark Costner then offered to change the charges, but again, the plaintiffs were uncomfortable, to which Mark Costner responded by asking the couple to leave. When the couple refused, he asked them again if they would like to leave. At this point, Lisa W. said something to Mark Costner that made him lose his temper and accused him of acting in a “discriminating” way. Mr. Lambros then went over to his table to get something to drink which cost him his job as a server at the Bear River Lodge and Spa.

After several heated exchanges, Mark Costner left the restaurant and subsequently dropped his suit against the defendants. However, the legal battle over the incident continues between the plaintiffs and the defendants. This case has now been sent to the jury’s chamber for trial. If the jurors find in favor of the defendants, the resort will be financially rewarded; however, if they find in favor of the plaintiffs, they could potentially be awarded a substantial sum in compensation.

Mr. Lambros is represented by the Palm Beach attorney, Robert S. Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan stated, “Mr. Price is delighted that the lawsuit has been resolved. He appreciates the opportunity to resolve this matter amicably and without the need for a trial. This is an excellent result for the litigation process and for Mr. Mark Costner and the Plaintiffs.” He went on to state, “This agreement does not preclude Mr. Costner from pursuing litigation against Mr. Lambros regarding the other parties’ wrongful acts, which we believe are also defamatory of Mr. Price.” Mr. Kaplan went onto say that in the future, Bluegreen Vacations Resorts LLC may try to renew its lawsuit against Mr. Lambros.

Mr. Lambros’ lawsuit against Bluegreen Resorts LLC was eventually withdrawn. The legal terms of the settlement were not disclosed. But, it is understood that Bluegreen Vacations Resorts LLC has agreed to not pursue any legal actions against Mr. Lambros, in exchange for an undisclosed financial settlement. However, this does not resolve the legal problem of whether or not Mr. Lambros’ complaint merited damages.

It is interesting to note that this settlement came about just a week after another lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. In that case, a plaintiff named Richard B. Turner claimed he suffered a loss because his vacation resort did not have adequate liability insurance. The resort counters that the claim is irrelevant and that it had been previously ruled that there was no such liability insurance requirement in California. A temporary restraining order was issued in that case preventing the resort from fulfilling its contractual obligations.

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