Background Checks Com Lawsuit

Background Checks Com Lawsuit

Background Checks and Lawsuit Threats

The first thing that you must know about background checks is that they do exist. And, they ARE useful tools that can make a person’s life easier or more difficult. Some people argue that background checks are no longer useful because everyone already knows that the information provided by such a check cannot be used against that person in any court of law. This is a bit of a circular argument, because the very purpose of a background check is to provide information that can be used in determining if someone should be let into a certain house, or not.

Background Checks Com Lawsuit

That said, background checks still exist. They serve an important purpose. They allow employers to weed out applicants who are a danger based on some sort of report that was obtained from a background check company. Background reports can include things like bankruptcies, marriages, and felonies. These things all have major consequences on someone’s ability to pay debts and to protect themselves. It has also been determined that background checks can be helpful in determining whether or not an applicant is telling the truth about some aspects of their history.

So, why would anybody want to use background checks? Well, background checks can definitely be useful to people.

They are even used by most of the government in order to determine someone’s character and whether they should be allowed to be part of the armed forces, for example. They are also used to determine if potential employees have any criminal records and how many traffic tickets they have racked up. So, if you are looking to rent an apartment, or buy a home, there is a pretty good chance that you will find something on a background check.

However, if you were to use background check information to gain an unfair employment or other employment opportunities, you may be opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

Because all background information is private, it is not able to be released without the permission of the person being searched. This means that you could be sued for using this information without their consent. This means that your background search could be used against you and it could damage your reputation for a long time.

Does all of this mean that background checks shouldn’t be used anymore?

Well, you will always need to keep your eyes open when it comes to new employment opportunities. Just because you went through a background check doesn’t mean that the company that you are getting the job from now will do the same. The only way to know is to ask the company. If they won’t say no, then don’t take the risk – it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to background checks.

However, one would have to wonder if using a background check in this manner could open you up to a lawsuit, and this is what happened to a man named Aaron Nevins.

His background was checked when he applied for a position at the California National Guard, and he was turned down. He later found out that his background had a ton of problems, including a restraining order that says he can’t own a firearm. So, it would seem that using background checks in a non-criminal capacity might open you up to a lawsuit, which isn’t something that any of us want.

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