Ashford University Lawsuit Could Get You a New Career Path

Ashford University Lawsuit Could Get You a New Career Path

A former Ashford University student who was arrested after he was accused of attacking a police officer has filed a lawsuit against the university. The lawsuit names Ashford University as well as several current and former Ashford students as defendants. In addition, it targets the city of Ashford, which is where the college is located.

Eric Casebolt was an aspiring biology major at Ashford, when he was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. According to the lawsuit, Casebolt signed up for Ashford’s online educational program but did not know anything about the university’s reputation prior to signing up. After being admitted to the program, Casebolt soon found out that Ashford prides itself on its reputation and student loans it offers to students. He signed up for Ashford University’s online student loans and upon becoming a full time student, he discovered that there were numerous errors in his applications and he was not eligible to receive Ashford University student loans using these student loans.

As a result of this, Casebolt then decided to file a lawsuit against Ashford, claiming he was not being treated fairly by the university because he signed up for the student loans despite knowing they did not cater to his specific major. According to Casebolt’s lawsuit, he met two other Ashford University students while in college. These two other Ashford students are also plaintiffs in the lawsuit, who are owed money by Ashford due to their actions. The suit further states that Casebolt was not approved for a scholarship based on his incomplete application. The lawsuit further claims that Casebolt was not able to receive any scholarship or financial aid because he signed up for Ashford’s online program instead of attending a traditional university.

The lawsuit, Casebolt v. Ashford University, is currently pending. If the plaintiffs receive their desired settlement, they will be able to receive the full amount of their Ashford University loan forgiveness. This will mean an extra boost in their finances. However, if no settlement is reached, Casebolt may also receive assistance with finding a new Ashford University degree program as a direct result of this case.

Ashford University prides itself on its mission to seek justice for the people of Ashford County and to provide educational opportunities to individuals looking to pursue a professional career. This case is an unfortunate reminder of the difficulties some people face when struggling to pay off student loan debts. It is important to remember that not all educational institutions are willing to work with the people seeking financial assistance. Many people find themselves in situations where they must choose between continuing their education and paying their bills. Many times people end up in a very bad financial situation. This is why it is critical to consider the option of Ashford University student loan debt relief.

It is important to understand that there are many ways in which you can improve your life. For instance, you could get out of your current financial predicament and take an interest in exploring a new career path. You can also explore the possibility of getting involved in community service. The more you use your skills, the more opportunities you will have in the future.

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